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Stephanie has been a food lover from birth, with great Italian food being a integral part of her upbringing. Through the years, she has explored many cuisines and spent time in several different countries. Stephanie is curious by nature. From building their own meat smoker to roasting their own coffee, Stephanie and her husband love to create and explore. Being active is a huge part of Stephanie's life, as she is passionate about fitness and nutrition. She feels if she can help someone to look and feel their absolute healthiest and best, she can truly make a difference in someone's life. A graduate from Kendall College and a Specialist in Fitness Nutrition certificate holder from the International Sports Sciences Association, her life's goal is to educate others about healthy cooking.

Recent Posts

Butternut Squash: The New Pumpkin

With the arrival of October comes pumpkin-spiced everything. From pumpkin spiced lattes to pumpkin pancakes to pumpkin pie, the flavor of pumpkin is everywhere. While I do love pumpkin in either ...

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Dessert on the Grill

There are still a few more days of summer left, and even more days of grilling to come. If you haven't yet tried grilling fruit, now is your chance! Grilled pineapple is a classic, but there are many ...

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Homemade Almond Milk: Is it Worth the Work?

I love DIY food projects: homemade pickles, jams, even smoked meats. I love something that I can put some time, effort and love into. That is why it was natural for me to want to learn how to make my ...

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Where There is Smoke There is Fire

Summer and grilling just go together. How about this summer, you step up your grilling game and add some smoke to the mix? By lowering the temperature of the grill and adding some wood chunks to any ...

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What to Sip on This Summer: Palomas

It's finally summer and that means it's time for refreshing summer drinks! What do you like to sip on in the heat? This summer, break away from the typical margaritas and mimosas and try a Paloma.

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Easy Summertime Coal-Fired Pizza

Summertime means grilled foods, sunshine, beaches, and pizza? Yes, pizza on a grill is something you may not think of doing, but you should!

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The Real Essential Oils

With so many types of oils available, which one do you reach for when cooking? There is so much information out there, it can often be confusing. What makes an olive oil good? What is all the hype ...

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The Best Soup, Pho-Real

March in the Midwest brings some dreary rainy days, and dreary days scream for soup! One of my favorite soups is the Vietnamese soup Pho (pronounced fuh).

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Bar Basics

Have you ever tried to make a cocktail only to discover that it is way too strong, too watery, or too sweet and have no idea how to fix it? Knowing a few ratios and bar basics will help. Making a ...

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Agar Agar: The Gelling Agent So Nice They Named It Twice

Agar Agar sounds like something a molecular gastronomy food scientist would have and only they would know what to do with it. But the truth is, it is very easy to work with and readily available at ...

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