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Viktorija is a wine educator and writer based in Chicago. She teaches wine to professionals and non-professionals and leads wine tastings, making topics such as grape varietals, wine styles, food pairings, and tasting wine easy to understand. Viktorija is an accredited Sommelier (International Sommelier Guide), French Wine Scholar (French Wine Academy), and Certified Specialist of Wine (Society of Wine Educators). Viktorija has written several books on the wines and foods of Italian and French regions. Her latest book, Provence Food and Wine: The Art of Living introduces readers to dry, aromatic, and fruity rosé and offers delicious recipe pairings. When she is not sipping wine and teaching classes in Chicago and its surroundings, Viktorija can be found traveling the wine regions of the world, soaking up new knowledge and discovering interesting wines and the stories of the people who make them.

Recent Posts

Where to Go for Affordable Bubbles and Rosé

In my last blog, I suggested some white and red wines to seek out when you want to lower your wine cost and still drink well. But what about sparkling and rosé? Can you find these wines in an ...

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Wines to Discover in Confinement

As I write this, I am sipping one my favorite discoveries of this confinement. On day 14 (aka yesterday, whatever day of the week that was), I opened a bottle that is light and carefree and wants to ...

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Travel the World in Each Bite and Sip

I am a big lover of travel, especially when it involves food and wine. There is no better way to learn about a culture and what it holds dear than tasting its foods and wines and sharing them with ...

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Wines to Make Friends With

Did the title get you wondering what this post is about? Great! Keep reading. Because the wines I talk about will most certainly help you make new friends. So, you should befriend them…

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Wines for a Perfect Valentine’s Day

I don’t like to celebrate Valentine’s Day the traditional way: dining in packed restaurants and overpaying for food and wine are not my favorite things. But I do love to celebrate. So, I cook at home ...

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Bubbly Cocktails Can Brighten Your January

In the day and age of the fancy cocktail, I must admit: I am not a big cocktail person. I love the idea of a cocktail, a civilized way to end the day and ease into the evening, surrounded with ...

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After-party Wine Tips: Storing and Using Open Bottles

It’s December. Surely, you will have a gathering of friends and open some bottles of wine. If you have ready my blog posts for the last couple of months, you know exactly what wines to choose for ...

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Wine Tips for Parties 101

Last month, I wrote about some great wines to take to a party. But what if you are hosting a party? What wines will please your guests and be budget-friendly? The wine tips from last month apply ...

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Fun and Food-Friendly Party Wines

The party season is upon us and that means one thing: fun wines. I love discovering wines that turn every party into a great experience. Often, we go to parties without knowing what food will be ...

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In Defense of Sweetness in Wine

Sweetness in wine is a funny thing. Take Riesling. Every time I mention it, I see facial expressions that tell me it’s not a favorite. When I ask why, the answer is “I don’t like sweet wines.” But ...

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