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Viktorija is a wine educator and writer based in Chicago. She teaches wine to professionals and non-professionals and leads wine tastings, making topics such as grape varietals, wine styles, food pairings, and tasting wine easy to understand. Viktorija is an accredited Sommelier (International Sommelier Guide), French Wine Scholar (French Wine Academy), and Certified Specialist of Wine (Society of Wine Educators). Viktorija has written several books on the wines and foods of Italian and French regions. Her latest book, Provence Food and Wine: The Art of Living introduces readers to dry, aromatic, and fruity rosé and offers delicious recipe pairings. When she is not sipping wine and teaching classes in Chicago and its surroundings, Viktorija can be found traveling the wine regions of the world, soaking up new knowledge and discovering interesting wines and the stories of the people who make them.

Recent Posts

Love Wine Blends? Tell Me What You Really Like

Recently, several customers looking for wine have asked me for ‘blends’. It catches me by surprise. I don’t quite know what they mean. Sure, I know what wine blends are, but do they want a light, ...

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How to Chill Wine Properly

If you have ever come to one of my wine classes at The Chopping Block, you know that I insist on wine being served at the right temperature, a temperature where the flavors and aromas can shine.

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Come on a Summer Wine Adventure

Summer is a time for adventures in wine. Gone are the cold days of winter, when we reach for the familiar because we need comfort. When the sun is shining, fresh foods are tempting us in the markets, ...

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How to Choose Wines for Parties

Spring and summer are party seasons. But if you are hosting, party planning can be stressful.

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