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Bring This to a Holiday Party

Laura S
Posted by Laura S on Dec 14, 2018
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No matter what holiday you observe this time of year, there’s parties to attend and along with parties to attend, there’s offers of “What can I bring?” to make so that the party-thrower is likely to invite you back for the next party. And, you know, to fulfill societal expectations.

Ugh,” you think. “This sounds difficult. This sounds like I’m about to create a sink full of dishes for a recipe that definitely won’t be worth it. This, Laura, is why I didn’t decide to host this party in the first place!”

Great points. And I hear you! But you can sit down and relax because I’ve put together the ultimate what to bring guide for parties you might find yourself attending in the near future. And yes. Some of these things are items you can buy from The Chopping Block instead of making yourself. You’re welcome.

1. Ice

Showing up with a huge bag of ice isn’t going to win you the award for most creative thing to bring, but it might just win you the eternal gratitude of the host or hostess. No matter how much of a Martha Stewart you are, you’ll always forget something in your party prep. And that something is usually ice. If you don’t have this problem when you’re hosting a party, congratulations. You’ve officially better than everyone. For the rest of us, we appreciate those who think to bring ice.

2. Some sort of classy yet satisfying dip


There’s nothing more stressful than hosting a party and having an awkward gap in time between when hungry people arrive at your house and start making themselves hungrier by drinking and when the first thing you’re ready to serve hits the table. A cast iron pan full of vegetarian buffalo chickpea dip doesn’t sound like much, but as the booze flows and mouths begin to water, it could mean the difference between a party mutiny and a
happy crowd.

3. Exciting new spices and seasonings

Chances are, if this person is hosting a party at which they provide food and drink for their friends, they know their way around a well-stocked spice cabinet. The good news is that even a well-stocked spice cabinet can use some of the blends that are for sale at The Chopping Block, including Herbs de Provence salt made by Owner/Chef Shelley Young.

4. The latest thing you successfully baked after binge watching too much Great British Baking Show 


I know (I hope) I’m not the only one who’s watched way too much of this delightful British baking extravaganza recently. And I know (I hope) I’m not the only one who, after a binge session that may or may not have lasted several days and nights, had the brilliant if misguided idea to obsessively try to recreate the winning showstopper dessert. If you, like me, have gotten really, really scary into making cream puffs, taking the two dozen that are taking up room on your kitchen counter might not be a bad idea.

5. Wine

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: you can never have too much wine, especially one that’s been selected by the experts at The Chopping Block. Whether you break into a bottle during the party or leave it for the host or hostess as a parting gift, wine is never the wrong idea.

6. A gift card to The Chopping Block

So that next year, the host or hostess will have a new skill set or toolset under their belt when it comes time to have the gang over to celebrate another occasion. 

Gift Card Classes

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