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Pinch Some Tails in our Crawfish Boil Class

Posted by Carrie on May 20, 2015

One of my favorite classes to teach at The Chopping Block is Crawfish Boil because it means we are beginning the transition from spring to summer. It's also tons of fun!

In this class, you’ll not only learn how to work with live crawfish, cook and eat them, but you’ll also learn how to fry oysters and make Bananas Foster.


Our recent Crawfish Boil class actually had a few crawfish left behind, so I had the pleasure of taking a quick video of one of the crawfish and cooking lunch for the staff the next day.

Given the small amount that was left, I chose to make Etouffee. So, if you are interested in throwing your own party, don’t worry about having too many crawfish left over. You can always make crawfish cakes, etouffee, or make an omelet for breakfast.

It’s fairly challenging to find fresh crawfish in Chicago, so I order the crawfish for our classes from the Louisiana Crawfish Company and have them shipped overnight. This website also has good information about cleaning and cooking your crawfish.

Crawfish, crayfish, crawdads or mudbugs, call them what you may. You only have one chance left to get in on this party at The Chopping Block. Sign up here!

Topics: Cajun, crawfish, Ingredients

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