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DIY Edible Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Posted by Chloe on May 1, 2015

Did y’all know that it’s Mother’s Day, like, next weekend?! It is! I totally swear. You’re probably all like, ‘dang, I was really hoping to buy my mom a car this year for Mom’s day, but I definitely didn’t save up any money for it.’ Well, that’s where this post comes in.

I’ve got some wonderful ideas for gifts to give your mother that would be easy on the wallet, and perfectly DIY and made from the heart. Even if your mom isn’t a cook, everyone loves an edible gift!

**Don’t forget to package these very pretty-like. Moms LOVE details. Even if your stuff tastes like crap; if it’s pretty, they’ll go bananas for it! **

  • Flavored Sugars

Take a cute little mason jar. Throw in 1 or 2 vanilla BEANS. Let it sit for a few days or a week, and voila! Vanilla sugar! You can also use herbs and citrus to flavor your sugar, too. This is perfect for if you got a mom that loves a sweet coffee or likes to experiment with different ingredients with her baking.


  • Amaretto Soaked Cherries

These are really wonderful, delicious, and are secretly decadent! These also go great in a mason jar. Just throw some cherries in there and top it with the liquor (make a tiny little slit in the cherries before you throw them in, btw). These should marinate for at least a night. You can also use bourbon or vodka, but I like the extra sweetness of the amaretto. Chef Mario's recipe for Brandied Cherries is also pretty fabulous. Bonus points: dip the soaked cherries in melted white chocolate to really send your mom through the roof! This is perfect if she likes to sneak her booze in creative ways.

  • Flavored Nut Mixes

There are tons of recipes, but I especially like sweet and spicy varieties. The key here is to sell these a bit more than you would a normal tin of nuts, ya know - make a pretty label, ribbon it up, you get the idea. This is perfect for the mom that loves to snack or plays cards. Nuts are perfect for playing cards.

  • Hot Sauce

This is a delicious and saucy gift to give Ma. This will definitely blow any Tabasco or Louisiana hot sauce out of the water! It should keep for a while and you can do it in a small batch. I have also found that making your own hot sauce is a good tool to have in your repertoire. Quick recipe: Throw a variety of hot peppers in a pot and cover it with equal parts vinegar and water, a bay leaf, lime juice and garlic. Boil, puree, and then strain it. DO NOT TOUCH IT. USE RUBBER GLOVES. DO THIS OUTSIDE IF POSSIBLE. This is perfect if your mom likes SPICE or if she likes condiments of any kind.


  • Limoncello

Holy cow. Homemade infused liqueur?! It’s actually easier than it sounds, however this DIY Limoncello can take up to a month, so perhaps it’s good to keep it in your back pocket for next Mother’s Day. How fun would this be?! She can pop open the bottle for special occasions or when guests are over, and brag about how nice their child was for making this for her.


This is perfect if your mom has a predilection towards global flavors, or if she always talks about her brief love affair with an Italian man named, “Enzo,” whom she met before your father.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms! I gotta get DIY-ing!

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