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Sharpen Up Your Knife Skills and Confidence

Posted by Christy on Mar 2, 2017

Your first time wielding a Chef's knife can definitely be nerve wracking! If you're already comfortable with a knife, perhaps making the final decision as what kind of knife to purchase is the scariest part. Whatever your apprehension might be, a Knife Skills class (like this Saturday's class at Lincoln Square!) at The Chopping Block is the best way to face your knife-related fears. 

Chopping an OnionIt's my favorite class for so many reasons, but I especially find watching students go from timid to confident rewarding. Watching people actually get excited to prep their food is exciting. Knife Skills was the very first class I took at The Chopping Block before working here. I signed up before going to culinary school, and I learned so much that I still carry with me today, including how to sharpen and hone a knife properly like Chef Lisa Counts shows in this video.


March is knife month at The Chopping Block, so now is your time to sign up for a class, test drive a knife and get cooking! Learn how to maintain your knife, how to store it, how it's constructed and finally, how to efficiently chop veggies without making it feel like a chore. Not to mention for the month of March, you'll receive 20% off of your knife purchase, and if you buy three sharp things, you'll get 25%. A sharp knife is an efficient knife! 

If you can't wait to get chopping, download our Knife Skills 101 free guide. It has everything you need to get started to finally become comfortable working with knives at home. 

Knife Skills Guide


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