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Small Steps Toward a Greener Kitchen

Posted by Christy on Mar 14, 2018


Did you know that The Chopping Block is one of the largest, greenest kitchens in the nation? From where we source our food to how we prepare, dispose of and donate our leftovers, we have a lot of respect for our product. We compost everything we possible can, we always recycle, and we donate to a food bank whenever possible. So I asked myself: what are some changes I can bring from work to create a greener home kitchen for myself? Here are some small changes that you can implement in your own home that will lead to a larger impact in our world.

Packed Lunch Pact 

When you pack your own lunch in reusable containers, you save money and reduce the amount of plastic waste. If you have to order lunch, ask the restaurant to hold any plastic silverware and bring your own! 



Bring your own water bottle. Plastic water bottles are so 90’s! So update your tired plastic single use water bottle for a reusable, double walled tumbler. There are lots of options, many can hold hot and cold beverages. 


Conscience Cleaning

We recently started carrying these natural fiber wooden kitchen scrubbies in our retail stores. They’re beautiful, effective and compostable! I put my brush to the test to see if it could scrub stuck-on bolognese out of my braiser, and to my surprise, it worked way better than my plastic scrubber, plus it is actually biodegrade. The dish brush is $7.95, saucepan brush is $8.95 and vegetable brush is $10.50 for all of your kitchen cleanup needs. 


Transitioning your home kitchen to a greener way can seem intimidating, but if you start with manageable small changes like these, you’ll see not only a positive change in the amount you waste, but you’ll notice some of them can actually save you money, too. 

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