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Classic Beef Stew – Know Your Meat

  I am not sure Mother Nature has gotten the memo yet. It’s already March. I should be making spring-type dishes instead of beef stew! But I figured this would be a good a good opportunity to talk ...

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Picking Stew Meats Made Simple

  When the weather outside is frightful and your belly craves something delightful…. That may not be an award-winning version of the song, but the concept of hunkering down in the cold months and ...

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Instead of a Debate Undecided Voters Should Try This

After the last presidential town hall debate, I thought about the question that I might have asked if given a chance. I'd probably ask “What is your favorite food?” or “What would you serve if I came ...

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Autumn is Upon Us

Whether we want to admit it or not, the chilly weather of autumn is slowly descending upon Chicago. The undesirable weather change gives us all a real good reason to dust off the crock pots and Dutch ...

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