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Millionaire Baking Inspiration

  What inspires you to bake, cook or create a delicious dish? For me, inspiration can strike from just about anywhere. It can come from reading a good cookbook, seeing beautiful food pictures on ...

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Apple-Bacon-Caramel Croissant Bread Pudding

  It’s not fall in my mind until Apple Fest happens in Lincoln Square. This year we baked over 800 of our famous Apple Pies, and we had Lincoln Avenue smelling amazing for the better part of a week. ...

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Flan: the Most Heavenly Caramel Custard

  My husband and I hosted Mother's Day brunch at our house last weekend, and although it's a lot of work, I would rather spend quality time with my mom in the comfort of our home rather than a ...

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Caramel is Liquid Gold

Drizzled over cheesecake, stirred into coffee, mixed into brownies, served with Pot de Creme or dunked with apple slices, caramel sauce is a versatile and fun way to turn any treat into an event, and ...

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Autumn Apples

  I love autumn. While spring is all green and fresh and lovely, the colors of autumn are incredible. I love all that it brings: the beautiful changing colors on the trees, pumpkins, the slight nip ...

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Cupcakes: Mini Cakes, Maximum Flavor

As much as my niece loves making cookies with me, sometimes she has a hankering for a cupcake. And why shouldn't she? Cupcakes are great! Almost any cake recipe can be turned into a cupcake, just ...

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Candy Crush

Yes, I am one of the many addicted to the game. It makes me crave chocolate covered sprinkled donuts for game purposes and consumption, and serves the purpose of mind numbing entertainment for ...

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Victory a la Mode

I will be participating in my first pie contest next month. I've made countless pies over the years, but one can never be too ready. So, last week I made a couple of practice pies.

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I Dabbled in High-Aged Scotch

This past week I had the opportunity to attend my very first Dabble class. A friend of ours works for Dabble, which is a company that organizes one-time classes in subjects ranging from glass blowing ...

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Home Brew

Well, it’s that time again – cool, fall days reminding us that snow may be right around the corner. Or yesterday, if you were on the East Coast! Halloween has come and gone in the retail stores, and ...

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