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The 5 Most Important Things to Know about Knife Safety

  As you might guess, we sell a lot of knives and cutting boards at The Chopping Block. Over the almost 22 years of teaching Knife Skills classes (which is our most popular class), I’ve learned a few ...

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What's in your Knife Drawer?

  Sometimes you just never know what you’re going to find in those less-frequently accessed corners of your kitchen drawers. In our case, it was the discovery of knives made by a family whose ...

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The How-To on Honing Your Knife

                                                                 I would bet that at this very moment one of the most important kitchen tools is hiding in your house, shoved in the back of some ...

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A Quiz for your Knife Skills

  Can you name each of these knives?

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Just the Tip: How to Fix a Broken Knife Edge

After having taught more than a few Knife Skills classes here at The Chopping Block, there’s one constant question I’m asked during the “How to sharpen a knife” portion of the class: What do you do ...

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A New Knife Can Change Your Life

  Some people lust after Mercedes Benzes, but my junior high friends and I, we dreamed about having our own refrigerator when we grew up. Call us kooky, but we spent many a sleepover swapping future ...

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The Only Four Knives You Need in Your Kitchen

  Knives are to cooking like addition and subtraction are to math. They are the basic building blocks upon which most of cooking is built. Now, you may be thinking that's so boring (at least that’s ...

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How Chloe Found Her Knife Skills Groove

At one point in my life, I was a young, unsophisticated human in the kitchen. I didn’t know a julienne from a batonnet cut. I didn’t know why onions make me cry, and how to prevent that. I didn’t ...

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10 Tools You Need to Have in Your Kitchen

I'll be honest. I own a retail store, and I would be thrilled if you purchased all of your kitchen supplies at The Chopping Block. But the only reason we carry kitchen equipment is because you ...

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Gifts that Last a Lifetime

When I was planning my wedding, the last thing on my mind was registering for gifts. At the time, my fiance and I lived in a tiny apartment and the thought of storing a bunch of kitchenware made me ...

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