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Mexican Tortilla Soup: Your New Go-To Soup This Winter

  After feasting on Thanksgiving leftovers all weekend, my palate was in need of some new and exciting flavors. I was also looking for a creative way to use up the turkey stock we made with our ...

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Thai Chicken Noodle Soup

  One of the questions I get asked often is why do I bother to cook for myself since I live alone. “Isn’t it too much trouble?”  Well, luckily I love to cook, but now that I am not cooking for a ...

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What Happens when you Instant Pot a Whole Chicken?

  I must admit, I was pretty averse to getting an Instant Pot. For me, it’s a pretty pricey investment for a fancy pressure cooker. I finally caved on a Black Friday deal on the larger 8-quart ...

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Avgolemono Warms the Soul

  Everyone has heard of chicken noodle soup and if you haven’t, go whip up a batch or grab a can of Campbell's, it's known as an American classic for a reason. Chicken noodle soup found its way to ...

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Chicken Soup is Always the Answer

 I recently realized that I ask myself a laundry list of recurring questions every day:

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What Do Chefs Eat When They Don't Feel Well?

  My fascination around what people eat when they are under the weather started when a beloved former employee of ours mentioned that she would make her husband a soft-boiled egg when he was ill. I ...

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Sopa Azteca: The Ultimate "Company Soup"

  Growing up in Chicagoland in the 70s and 80s, I don’t remember eating much ethnic food.  We were a meat and potatoes kind of family.  And is with most families with three children with three ...

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Soup-er Easy Avgolemono

With the arrival of fall comes changing leaves, light jackets, pumpkins, and soup! Growing up, fall meant “Cream of Chicken Sundays.”  Every Sunday, my family and I would go to our favorite Greek ...

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Classic Chicken Stock: Your Go-To Kitchen Liquid

  I remember how my view of cooking completely changed when I learned what a stock was and how to make and use them. At Kendall College, I was taught a simple yet critical component to cooking that ...

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Homemade Chicken Soup

I googled chicken soup recipes the other day. I was getting over a cold and craving it. I was also curious if there was some miraculous gourmet thing I could do to add some variety, like mix in ...

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