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Lagers vs. Ales: Know Your Beer Part 2

This is the continuation of a two part article about beer. If you missed part one, check it out here.  Ale Varieties IPAs and American Pale ales: Pale ales are brewed with primarily pale malts and ...

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Lagers vs. Ales: Know your Beer Part 1

You probably know me as a personal trainer and nutritionist who usually writes here about health and diet. One of my other biggest passions happens to fly in the face of exercise, and that's craft ...

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Love Craft Beer? Tour Chicago's Lagunitas Brewery

In the past couple years, hundreds of craft breweries have been opening up around the country. According to The Hop Preview, there are 66 breweries in the Chicago land area alone. One of the largest ...

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The Case of the Mystery Beer Flight

I recently went to a fun little bistro-styled place in Downtown LA, or as everyone calls it there: #DTLA. It was a nice little stop after seeing Into the Woods. Regardless of how I felt about the ...

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West Coast is Best Coast

At least that is what all of my friends from San Francisco and Seattle like to chant every time we go out. And while I don’t know if I completely agree, the craft beer scene in San Diego gives some ...

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Virginia is for Craft Beer Lovers

Greetings from the Mid-Atlantic region! I must say, it’s been a pretty exhilarating and exhausting week. Moving across country is no joke. Luckily, however, everything could not have gone more ...

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Pairing Perfection: Why Beer Pairs Better than Wine

The Chopping Block is celebrating Chicago Craft Beer Week with different beer-focused classes, including last Friday's "He Said, She Said: Food & Beer Pairing Dinner". The evening featured five ...

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Beer vs. Food = Stephanie vs. Mario

My wife Stephanie and I recently purchased a home and moved about an hour outside of the city. Both of us work in Chicago, so we can still experience the city, but there is one thing that has been ...

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