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Seasonal Fruit and Jam-Making

Producing homemade jam is an experience that connects you with the farmers that grow seasonal produce, the process of working with that produce, and the joy of taking such delicious fruit and turning ...

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How to Make Strawberry-Rhubarb Jam

When you visit your friend who has a fabulous garden full of fruit, vegetables and herbs, and she gives you more rhubarb than you know what to do with, you make jam. Rhubarb is a perennial plant ...

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How to Cook with Persimmons

I’m a persimmon newbie. This time of year, my grocery store stocks persimmons, and every year I eye them thinking this is the year I’ll finally try them. This has seriously been going on for at least ...

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Kvass: Sweet, Refreshing and Good for your Gut

By now we’ve all heard of the benefits of good bacteria in our body’s micro biome and the wonder it does for effective digestion and overall gut health. We’ve had the kombucha, the yogurt and the ...

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Get to Know Your Spring Fruits and Veggies

It is officially Spring! Farmers markets are reopening and grocery stores are stocking our favorite fresh spring fruits and vegetables. The hot weather has arrived, and we can take this opportunity ...

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Cold Pressed Juice - Is it Worth It?

I recently started cold press juicing and with all the wonderful benefits I have experienced, I thought I would share why I think it is worth the hype.

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Perfectly Poached Fruit

A pear perfectly poached in red wine is one of the most elegant desserts I can think of. Top it off with a little Crème Anglaise and you have elevated the lowly pear into something almost regal. I’m ...

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Grilled, Dairy-Free Hand Pies

Late spring/early summer fruit is filling the farmers markets. I bought a bunch of rhubarb—the fruitiest vegetable, which I love dearly. And of course I bought strawberries, because they were there ...

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Treat Yourself to a French Breakfast and Make a Clafoutis

The French dish called clafoutis (kla-foo-tee) sounds very complicated and intimidating, but it’s actually the opposite. Don’t be fooled by it’s fancy-sounding name! It’s a very simple-yet-impressive ...

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New Fruit Just Dropped

Well it's not ‘new’ exactly, but it's an uncommon fruit you may not have run into before. And not exactly ‘just’ since it was first described in western sources by Phillip Franz von Siebold and ...

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