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Dumpling Debate

  What is the first thing that you think of when you hear the term “dumpling?” Over the course of thousands of years there have been many talks as to what constitutes a food item to be considered a ...

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Delicata Squash Gnocchi

All hail delicata squash! Since I stock up on delicata now that it’s showing up in grocery stores and farmers markets, much like when I go apple picking and make all things apple, this time I am ...

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Vegan Gnocchi: Potato Pillows of Goodness

There seems to be this unwritten phenomenon among The Chopping Block's employees, where after our Know Your Gnocchi class, someone who worked the class is inspired to go home and make gnocchi from ...

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Ricotta Gnocchi: Little Dumplings of Goodness

A couple of weeks ago my daughter, Delilah, really wanted to make ravioli from scratch (a blog post for the future!), so the whole family got together and busted out some dough and made a ricotta ...

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Brown Butter Makes it Better

We all know butter makes everything better. In fact, I often say I spent $30K on culinary school to learn that bacon and butter are a chef's best friends. But, brown butter? Learning how to make and ...

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Pairing Perfection: Why Beer Pairs Better than Wine

The Chopping Block is celebrating Chicago Craft Beer Week with different beer-focused classes, including last Friday's "He Said, She Said: Food & Beer Pairing Dinner". The evening featured five ...

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Cooking to Clean Out the Fridge

Every couple of weeks, my wife and I make one of our favorite meals. It’s called clean out the fridge. We like to think of it as our own little Iron Chef challenge. Over the years we have had some ...

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Cold Weather Fun: Making Gnocchi

Considering today's weather and the fact that schools are closed, I want to share a really fun, kid-friendly cooking activity that’s perfect to make when it’s freezing outside.

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Life List: Learn to Use a Knife

Cooking, and food, were passions I shared with my dad. Every Thanksgiving, while the rest of my family stayed far away, I would spend the day with him in the kitchen – dressing the turkey, preparing ...

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Dad, Please Pass the Octopus

A few weeks ago we made homemade potato gnocchi with a simple tomato sauce. During the process my husband remembered we had a box of baby octopus in the freezer (doesn’t everybody?).

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