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Tomato-Onion Jam: The Ultimate Summer Condiment

  As I was standing in our backyard gazing at all of the tomatoes that were ready to be picked, I was wondering what on earth I should do with them. There are so many options, which makes it even ...

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How to Make Jam without Pectin

I love to make jam; I’m sure in part because I used to watch my mom make it as a kid. Thinking about Mom in the kitchen brings back such fond memories. We primarily grew our own food when I was ...

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Yes, You Can Make Pop Tarts from Scratch

  I was feeling a bit ambitious this past weekend, and decided to try making pop tarts from scratch. I thought it would be a really great way to start Father’s Day morning, and my husband and kids ...

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Proustian Guava Jam

  As a professional chef, and all around human person, I have tasted a lot of pastries in my life. They are pretty much all amazing, but there is one that I tasted recently that will live in my ...

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Fresh Fig Jam in the Fall

  I love figs; they are sweet, tangy, and temperamental. Figs are truly a wonder, as they are only ripe for what seems like half a second. The cooler temperatures this summer have extended many ...

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Let's Talk Canning & Preserving

I love when The Chopping Block hosts live chats because it's just another way we try to engage with our customers. We've hosted several on Facebook over the past year focusing on specific topics or ...

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Peachy Keen

My family and I spent last week in Ohio visiting our dear friends, Jen and Tori. They live in Granville, which is about 30 miles east of Columbus. One of the many things we look forward to when ...

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Good Lard, THAT’S a Pork Biscuit!

Leading up to my wedding this week, everyone seemed to be concerned with three details of my life:

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Spreading Thankfulness

While a lot of you are fretting about what to make for Thanksgiving and how many calories you’ll need to work off, I’m thinking of who to be thankful for in my life. I know. I’m an amazing and ...

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Pig Out on Bacon

Bacon is certainly not a new trend. You can find it in any food product from popcorn to mayonnaise to cookies these days. And despite the bad rap bacon gets among health enthusiasts, bacon continues ...

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