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Sweet Treats and Tips to Salvage Overcooked Cake

  I cannot tell you all how many times I have forgotten about something I was cooking in the oven and it burned to a point where I couldn’t eat it. Sound familiar? It happens to the best of us.

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The Benefits of Drinking Bad Coffee

With the Polar Vortex coming through Chicago last week, I found myself with some unexpected free time since The Chopping Block was closed for two days. So, I decided to take on a project I've wanted ...

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Stop Panicking in the Kitchen and Learn to Love your Mistakes

With Thanksgiving over, I, like many of you, just returned to work from spending time with my family. While our holiday meal was not at all traditional and quite small, we did roast a whole turkey. ...

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Professional Chefs Make Mistakes Too

When I talk to home cooks, many share with me that they are afraid of trying things in the kitchen because they will make a mistake. They are worried they will create a “disaster” of some sort and ...

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Cooking from the Heart Rather than Recipes

Whenever I cook for my family, I tend to disregard recipes. Not to thumb my nose at cookbooks, but I cook from my heart when I'm surrounded by my family, especially when I'm making cookies with my ...

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