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How to Cook a Steak Accurately

    Cooking a steak is one of the most basic skills a cook can learn, and yet it is one that eludes even the best of cooks. Don’t feel bad if you haven’t mastered the art of steak cookery. How many ...

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The "S" Words of Cooking

  I remember as a child I always had one friend that liked to experiment with cursing. The scenario was always the same: my friends and I would be somewhere out of the listening ear of an adult, ...

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Living Off the Fat of the Land

One of my dreams is to be able to raise my own food one day, or at least a portion of it. Now, I admit that this is a rather lofty goal, and so perhaps having a substantial garden each year might ...

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It's the Season for Ratatouille

I love it when I get inspired at work. I recently taught the Food and Wine of France class at our Lincoln Square location and loved every dish on the menu. I’ve blogged about my love of Gougeres and ...

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Lucky Number One: Part 2

I promised in my last blog to follow up with a few more recipes and ideas for cooking for one. So here goes!

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