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Tomato-Onion Jam: The Ultimate Summer Condiment

  As I was standing in our backyard gazing at all of the tomatoes that were ready to be picked, I was wondering what on earth I should do with them. There are so many options, which makes it even ...

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Burek: A Meat-Filled Phyllo Pie

  A few weeks ago, I posted a picture of my Burek in The Chopping Block's private Facebook group with the promise of the complete recipe to come. If you are not familiar with our TCB group, you ...

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Why make a Sweet Cheesecake when you can make a Savory One?

  If you love cheesecake like I do, you need to make this savory Mushroom Cheesecake Tart.

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All Hands on Pie

Pie season is upon us and several months of sweets encased in flaky butter dough lie ahead. But for me, a general hater of pies (except pumpkin, banana cream and The Chopping Block's famous Apple ...

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French Bistro Savory Tart

When most people think of the south of France, they think of popular towns like Cannes, Nice and Provence but there’s another charming – and less expensive - region to the west called ...

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That’s Peachy: The Sequel

It’s that time of the year again. As we head into summer, peach season begins!

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Dinkel's Bakery: Four Generations of Good Baked Goods

Donuts. Bear claws. Cinnamon rolls. Long johns. Croissants. Cupcakes. Muffins. Just writing these words is making me drool all over my keyboard right now. This blog is going to be about the place I ...

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Holiday Treat: Sweet & Savory Pepita Brittle

If you’re searching for a tasty addition to your holiday treat spread this season, try this delicious brittle recipe. It’s both sweet and savory, the flavors of a perfect nutty brittle. This brittle ...

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Get Yourself to West Loop Salumi

My friend Sarah is the Domestic Cheese Buyer at Fromaggio South End in Boston. Being all work and no play, when she visited for the holiday weekend, we ended up on an adventure on Randolph Street, ...

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Have a Sweet Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays, and when I am able to spend it with my family, I do most of the cooking. One of the dishes that my family always requests, and that our ...

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