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Passport to Basque Country

Have you ever heard of Basque country? This region in Europe spans over the northern part of Spain and the southern part of France. This area of the world is known for numerous culinary delights ...

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Return to Basque Country for a Culinary Immersion

Nestled within the captivating landscapes of northern Spain and southwestern France lies the Basque Country, a culinary haven that beckons travelers from far and wide. Amid the rugged beauty of the ...

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Mussels Escabeche: A Shellfish Solution

Picture this: you’re the chef of a restaurant where you have a steamed mussels dish on the menu. You got your shipment of mussels on Friday, and the restaurant had a slower weekend than expected. ...

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Uniquely Spain

Of all the great gigs I’ve enjoyed as a consultant to the culinary industry (including The Chopping Block, of course!), there’s been none better than representing Wine & Food from Spain. I got to ...

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San Sebastián is Heaven for Foodies

“What would be your last meal?” is a question that chefs like to ask each other. Most of the time, they ask it because the chef who asks wants to show off and tell his colleague what his own last and ...

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New Culinary Tour to Basque Country

We are thrilled to announce a very special small group culinary tour... this time to the Basque Country of Spain hosted by one of The Chopping Block's favorite chefs, Chef Guillermo Delavault and our ...

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From Spain's Cellar to your Table

It takes patience, along with something else that’s in short supply these days, to ease a red wine into maturity and that’s adequate storage.

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How I Spent a Six-Hour Lunch

There are business lunches, power lunches, liquid lunches and Ladies who Lunch, but none of them compare to the six-hour lunch I just had in Spain. El Celler De Can Roca, recently featured on the ...

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Viva Espana at The Chopping Block

Spain hit Chicago’s fine dining scene well after France, Italy, even Mexico! Now, the flavors of Spain are favorites in the city and suburbs, from casual tapas to elegant Paella, from sparkling Cava ...

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You say Potato, I say Patata with an Easy Spanish Omelette

Tortilla de Patatas (potato omelette) is as ubiquitous in Spain as it is delicious. This potato omelette is found in tapas bars where it is served warm or cold, topped with aioli or not, full of ...

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