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What I've Learned at Chicago's Premier Recreational Cooking School

  I used to consider myself a pretty good cook. Like a lot of us, I learned by standing by my mother’s side in the kitchen. Her way with ingredients and flavors were a launchpad into my own world ...

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From Fan to Employee: A Chopping Block Chef's Journey

I’ve happily been an employee of The Chopping Block for a little over 8 years now. But long before I became an employee, I was a huge fan.

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Pairing Perfection: Why Beer Pairs Better than Wine

The Chopping Block is celebrating Chicago Craft Beer Week with different beer-focused classes, including last Friday's "He Said, She Said: Food & Beer Pairing Dinner". The evening featured five ...

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Spring Green Asparagus Queen

After a long winter, there is something so exhilarating about the coming of spring. Every day there is something new to photograph in the garden.

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Pumpkin Pie = Love

I admit that I have a rather plentiful pantry at all times. I often have to remind myself that we don’t need to be prepared for the next natural disaster. But when I decided it needed to be cleaned ...

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Mini Bundt Cakes: The Perfect Dessert

Winter is the perfect time to experiment with new ideas and recipes while we are trapped in our homes, thanks to Mother Nature. So, I am really excited about this month's retail promotion on ...

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So, You're Thinking about Going to Culinary School?

Your favorite television show is Top Chef. You keep your knives sharp. You make your own salad dressing. You get excited for Le Creuset to release its latest color of enameled cast iron. You love to ...

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New Year, New Cookware

With the new year comes a great opportunity to take stock of your kitchen. If your cookware could use an upgrade, January's sale at The Chopping Block provides an opportunity to save big on quality ...

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Memorable Scents

Did you know that your sense of taste is directly connected with your sense of smell? That's the reason why you can’t taste anything and don’t really crave anything to eat when you have a cold. The ...

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Biscuits and Gravy

We've been hearing that breakfast is the most important meal of the day for most of our lives. While the validity of that statement can be debated, the impact of a well planned and executed breakfast ...

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