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How to Un-Boring Your Salads

  Even though Chicago has stayed stubbornly chilly over the last few days, the buds on the trees and the sun in the sky are hopeful reminders that someday, summer will be here. With farmers’ market ...

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How to Make and Use Preserved Lemons

  My first exposure to preserved lemons was when I worked at Café du Midi some 25 years ago. Café du Midi was a very special place to work, not just because of its amazing Mediterranean-influenced ...

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Tomato Season at the Farmers Market

Fall has officially arrived, and the farmers markets are in full swing. If you live in our Lincoln Square neighborhood, please check out the Farmers Market held on Tuesday mornings and Thursday ...

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The Art of the Vinaigrette

  I remember the first time a house-made salad dressing rocked my world.  It was the summer of 1988, and I was bussing tables at a swanky new bistro in town. I was 17, and just beginning what would ...

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5 Things Everyone Should Know How to Cook

  I'm not a chef. I've only worked one job in a kitchen... well, it was more of a garage, and all I did was chop fruit and vegetables for a salad bar. When I started at The Chopping Block I could ...

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The Endless Variations of Homemade Vinaigrettes

  Making food from scratch versus buying prepared products has so many advantages: not only do you have more appreciation for the finished product but you'll enjoy the process of creating it. You can ...

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Top 10 Salads for Fall

There are few things in internet life that are better than top 10 lists. They involve a nice round number. They are concise and to the point. Sure, for speed’s sake you might jump over to a top 5 ...

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Beautiful Beets

I think beets are the most beautiful vegetable. They’re so gnarly, dirty and dull looking from the outside, but then you cut them open and they surprise you with the most fabulous colors and designs. ...

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That’s Peachy: The Sequel

It’s that time of the year again. As we head into summer, peach season begins!

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Most Valuable Ingredient: Chickpeas

There's nothing less appealing at a summer barbecue than a table full of heavy, mayo-based salads. Don't get me wrong, I love potato salad as much as the next Southerner. But the food sanitarian in ...

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