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We're Screaming about our New Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

Posted by Andrea on Jul 24, 2017

There's no better time for ice cream than summer. At The Chopping Block, we teach you how to make it yourself in our Homemade Ice Cream cooking class, and we always have suggestions for new, unusual flavors like Butternut Squash or Green Tea. We even show you how you can indulge your no churn ice cream cravings even if you don't have an ice cream maker. But now, we have an easier way to get your fix: we are now carrying Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams at our Lincoln Square location! 

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If you are in Chicago, you've likely had a pint or scoop of Jeni's as they have been around for almost two decades. Their ice creams have a uniquely smooth texture and buttercream body, with bright flavor and clean finish since they don’t use synthetic flavorings, dyes, or off-the-shelf mixes. When you look at a label on Jeni's ice cream, you won't see a long list of stabilizers and emulsifiers. They prefer the more complex process of building texture and flavor without them. Jeni's uses whole ingredients and dairy from grass-pastured cows. 

Jeni's North Market Cone.jpg

Another reason why we like partnering with Jeni's is what they call their fellowship model which combines values from the good food world with tools from the 21st century. They build relationships with the suppliers they buy from and buy direct from them whenever they can. 

Jeni’s is a Certified B Corporation endorsed by the international nonprofit B Lab as a company that meets rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. Using Direct Trade ingredients, employing a diverse team of people, working with women- and minority-owned businesses—it’s all part of how they operate and an important part of their company culture. That's definitely a mentality we relate to here at The Chopping Block. 

 Merchandise Mart Freezer

Help us celebrate our new partnership with Jeni's at our Ice Cream Social tomorrow, July 25 from 4pm-6pm at our Merchandise Mart location. You'll get a FREE scoop of one of our favorite flavors, and you'll be able to taste Jeni's sauces to go with it. Our chefs will have ideas for fun, unusual toppings to go with these ice creams, and our staff will help you navigate our selection so you can share the fun with your family and friends with a pint later.  
Jeni's Ice Cream Social.pngCan't make it tomorrow? Our freezers are stocked and ready for you all summer long! Our flavor selection at both locations will change based on availability but right now, we have Salty Caramel, Green Mint Chip, Cookies and Cream, Brown Butter Almond, Churro, Darkest Chocolate, Milkiest Chocolate, Black Cat Espresso, Pistachio Honey, Ndalli Vanilla and Lemon Buttermilk. 

If you'd like to learn how to make ice cream at home, join us for Homemade Ice Cream on Sunday, August 6 at 11:30am at the Merchandise Mart. It's just $20 and one hour! 

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