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Which to Use: Food Processors vs. Blenders vs. Immersion Blenders?

Posted by Andrea on Sep 28, 2015

Kitchen space is a valuable commodity, so do you really need a food processor and a blender on your counter? What about that immersion blender stuck in your drawer?

We put these questions to our chefs and found that each electric tool definitely has its strengths and weaknesses.


To put it most simply, food processors work best with solids and blenders work best with liquids. Of course, there's some overap among functionality. So to clear up the confusion, we put together a comprehensive comparison that includes tips on how and when to use each tool, as well as recipes that work best for each. Our chefs also discuss why they can't live without their Vitamix, the Rolls Royce of blenders.

And no, we didn't do this work in order to sell you these gadgets. In fact, The Chopping Block only carries one of these three tools. Instead, we're sharing our knowledge of these products in order to take the guesswork out of it for you.

Download our comparison: Food Processors vs. Blenders vs Immersion Blenders to get your questions answered!

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