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Mushrooms On My Mind: The Tale of a Fungi

"Yuck! Mushrooms!" How many times have I heard that exclamation from the mouths of kids (and many of my beloved adult friends and family). If you are a mushroom hater, I understand you: the texture ...
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How to Cook Maitake or Hen of the Woods Mushrooms

I grew up Morel mushroom hunting with my family so my love of exotic mushrooms was formed at an early age. I cherished the experience and time with my family exploring the woods and the healthy ...
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Miso into Miso Soup

I was recently watching public television when my pal Ming Tsai’s show "Simply Ming" came on.
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Spring Foraging

Spring is upon us and even though it is not my most favorite time of year, it does produce some of my favorite culinary delights – Morel Mushrooms and Ramps (Wild Leeks). Both of these spring treats ...
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The Quest for Fried Chicken, Southern Illinois Style

Fried chicken is one of my favorite comfort foods: crispy, juicy, savory, mouth watering, fried chicken. I have distinct memories of when my mother would make fried chicken in her cast iron skillet. ...
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In Search of the King Bolete Mushroom

Cooking with wild mushrooms is a delight – there is nothing that adds flavor to a dish quite like them. Every year my mom sends me a bag of wild mushrooms that she has painstakingly collected, ...
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Pizza Pizza

I am in love with a new toy! I have been making a lot of flat doughs and pizzas recently and finally decided to invest in a pizza stone. For years, I did the old trick where I cooked my pizza on an ...
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Savoring Stock with Leftovers

Now that we know how to make our own homemade stock from scratch, we need something to make with it. A good stock can be used to increase the depth of sauces, add flavor to soups or my wife’s ...
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The Chopping Block, Full Circle

After teaching at The Chopping Block for over 10 years now, you can imagine that I have had the pleasure of teaching a multitude of classes and working with many, many amazing students.
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What Do a Thousand Dollars Taste Like?

A few weeks ago, my coworker ever-so-casually called me into his office with a wine question. He told me that someone had given him a bottle of wine, and that Google had told him it was expensive. ...
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