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Barb has been a student of The Chopping Block for almost two decades transforming herself from a picky eater to executive chef at her imaginary restaurant called Spork. When she isn't in the land of make believe, Barb chronicles her food life in her blog, Felt Like a Foodie. Barb continues to take classes every chance she gets and is eager to share her food adventures with you.
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'Tis the Unseason: Flavor Without Salt

When it comes to food and cooking, we all face various conundrums. There are allergies, intolerances and avoidance of ingredients. Personally, having lived with Crohn’s disease since I was a child, I ...

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Between a Squash and a Hard Place: Fritters to Save your Thanksgiving

As a home cook, I am often asked about my Thanksgiving menu. This is the holiday that is known for marathon cooking (and eating) sessions. My inner chef should be elated with all the details that go ...

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Double Double Baked Potatoes

Growing up in the 1980s, one the fanciest side dishes you could get in a restaurant was a double baked potato. Maybe it wasn’t the fanciest but to a little Midwestern picky eater kid, it was the end ...

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Diving into a Valid Tea Leaf Salad

Last month, I started to dive into the world of Burmese cooking. Have you tried my egg curry recipe yet? I got very excited to plummet gracefully from an elevated platform of knowledge with a ...

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Fearless Egg Curry

If I were to ever utter any regrets about my life, it would be the years I wasted being a picky eater. My remorse comes into play when I think of the doors that I never opened when I’d be given the ...

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Back to Basics: Reading Recipes

Odds are if you are follow The Chopping Blog, you either like to cook, are looking for inspiration or are one of my relatives. There is an assumption that most of us reading these blogs are familiar ...

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Low Country Boil Meets The Midwest

The beginning of summer is probably one of the most challenging times for me when it comes to meal preparation. My days are overwhelmed adjusting to the change of routine that inevitably comes with ...

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Frozen Assets: Proper Freezer Usage

As someone who loves to cook, I also love to freeze food. Even typing that sentence seems like an odd thing to write but there is a pleasure in finding a special ingredient or making a favorite dish ...

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Crispy Rice Advice

The best part of being a home cook is challenging yourself. We try new foods, exciting techniques and reinvent restaurant classics. Some processes take multiple attempts but then there is a magic ...

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Macaroni and Cheese: Reinventing the Reuben

Whether we are Irish or not, it's that special time in March where a lot of us celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Plans are made with friends, green is part of our wardrobe, and we look forward to some of ...

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