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Gina arrived in Chicago, from Washington, DC, four years ago and hasn’t stopped eating since. When not busy leading the Event Sales team at The Chopping Block, she can be found dining in this city’s most fabulous restaurants or cooking up a new recipe based on ingredients grown in her urban garden. Coming from a restaurant family, it’s only natural that Gina’s favorite things in life include bacon, champagne and hosting impromptu get-togethers centered around whatever themed-menu she most recently dreamed up. If she meets you, you may just get invited to one of her annual Academy Award, Crab Feast, or Godfather Trilogy parties (complete with her grandmother’s homemade meatballs for everyone to take home).

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Where Do You Brunch?

Brunch – my favorite meal of the day; always the highlight of my weekend; the most perfect combination of sweet and savory and (drinks to) sip. In my ongoing ode to you, dear Brunch, I pay homage at ...

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Talking Tequila

While last week may have brought us the official “National Tequila Day”, if you’re like me, everyday - er, I mean, every other weekend in a responsible, adult manner - is national tequila day. Those ...

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Ribs are a Cut Above the Rest

If I ever have to decide upon a “last supper,” it will be ribs – probably accompanied by cheesy pasta of some sort and a decedent crème brulee, but that’s for other blogs - today we dedicate to the ...

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Springing into Spring

With Monday having been the first day of Spring, I’m into all things “fresh” right now. Out with soups and stews and in with veggies, seafood and wraps. I love this time of year because I feel like ...

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Happy Mardi Gras

Today is Fat Tuesday; the culmination of Mardi Gras, the last night of excess before the Lenten season begins. Known to some as one of the biggest party nights of the year and to others, a season ...

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Take a Gamble on Shishito Peppers

Apparently I’m obsessed with Shishito peppers. I say “apparently” because the amount of times I order them while dining out seems perfectly normal to me, but my friends think it’s excessive. So what ...

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Aw Shucks: A Beginner's Guide to Oysters

When I think of summer, I think patios, rose and oysters. Technically, oyster season used to be the complete opposite of summertime (with old adages telling you to only eat them during months with an ...

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36 Hours in Paris

36 hours in Paris: three croissants, two Steak Frites, a Croque-Madame, four macarons, multiple Café au laits, a Crème Brulee, countless glasses of champagne and a few very fond memories made!

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Papa's Hot Peppers: No Canning Required

As much as I hate that summer is coming to an end, this time of year does bring back a fond childhood memory. No, not back to school… but my Papa’s Hot Peppers.

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Eggcellent Eggs

Eggs: so simple yet so complex. Their uses, versatile and preparation methods, almost endless. As one of my staples in my fridge, I’ll enjoy eggs for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack on any given ...

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