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Sara has been a chef instructor at the Chopping Block since 2002 and loves sharing her knowledge of all things food-related with her students. She loves interacting with her students, making them feel right at home and at ease. Sara is also the Curriculum Coordinator at TCB which means she develops the classes, menus and recipes. A lot of Sara’s inspiration for classes and recipes comes from personal experience. When Sara and her husband, who is also a chef instructor, are at home they join forces and make countless mouth-watering creations that are then taste tested by their daughter and son.

Recent Posts

Roasted Corn and Poblano Chowder

When teaching a class, there’s one question I get asked most and that’s “what’s your favorite type of food to make?” It’s a really hard question to answer, because I love all types of food and ...

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Stuffed Cabbage Rolls: A Taste of Tradition

Before I met my husband, I had never experienced the pleasure of enjoying Polish cuisine. I grew up in a Jewish household and enjoyed many traditional dishes like gefilte fish, kugel, matzoh ball ...

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Teriyaki Salmon Sushi Sandwiches: A Fun Twist on Sushi

My family loves eating and making sushi. We also love getting creative with different maki roll fillings inspired by travels (like fried oyster maki rolls) or by things we have around the kitchen. As ...

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Gluten-Free Korean Fried Chicken

Sweet and spicy, crispy and crunchy, savory and scrumptious. These are the words that describe the epic Korean fried chicken my husband and I made last weekend. Everyone in my family loves fried ...

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Dumplings for a Crowd

Dumplings, sweet or savory filled packages of yumminess, can be found in pretty much every corner of the world. From Polish pierogi to Korean mandu to Spanish empanadas to Italian ravioli, dumplings ...

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A Taste of Tuscany: Duck Ragu

After reading Andrea’s most recent blog, and living vicariously through her epic Cook Like a Tuscan culinary tour, I am super inspired by all things Tuscan right now. Plus, Italian food has a special ...

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How to Cook with Persimmons

I’m a persimmon newbie. This time of year, my grocery store stocks persimmons, and every year I eye them thinking this is the year I’ll finally try them. This has seriously been going on for at least ...

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The Perfect Autumn Comfort: Butternut Squash Mac-n-Cheese

Last month, my husband and I dropped our daughter off for her first year of college at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana. It’s been a great experience so far with all of the clubs and ...

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3-Ingredient Homemade Hot Sauce

This summer has been a great growing season for our habanero and jalafuego plants, and they have produced quite a bit of fruit. Fortunately, hot chilies are extremely versatile, but if you’re a chili ...

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Pupusas: A Culinary Adventure

Writing a monthly blog is a great opportunity for me to further my culinary education. I really enjoy trying new recipes from different cultures in order to expand my knowledge, but also just because ...

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