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3 Tips to Better Dinner Parties

There is nothing quite so enjoyable in this world as a good dinner party. Laughing, eating and drinking with friends is one of my favorite activities, and doing it in the comfort of a home rather ...

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How to Throw a Fondue Party

Holiday parties can be stressful to host. Instead of choosing a cocktail party that requires lots of different appetizers to equal a full meal for your guests or even a well-planned dinner party, why ...

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Why Dinner Parties Rule

  Modern times seem to call for people always wanting to host a cocktail party. I get it: the vision of martini glasses clinking, and platters of all shapes and sizes holding perfectly manicured ...

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Chowing Down(ton): A Downton Abbey Farewell Dinner

  Last week, viewers all over the United States bid a fond farewell to one of England’s favorite TV families. The highs and lows of Lord and Lady Grantham and the Crawley family have entranced a ...

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How to Throw a Paella Dinner Party

  One of my favorite meals to prepare for an intimate dinner party is paella. Paella is one of those one-pan meals that, if done correctly, is something truly outstanding. I usually serve a few ...

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Make Space for Others: At the Heart of Hosting

After every meal at The Chopping Block when entree plates are cleared and dessert is dished, I can hear the intervals of conversation between family or friends and sometimes perfect strangers who ...

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Grillin’ and Chillin’

I really give my grill a good workout this time of year. But I haven't always had a love affair with my grill.

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Overcome Your Fear of Desserts

I love having friends over for dinner and sharing my love for food with them. When people walk into my home for a dinner party of any kind, be it an intimate gathering of four or a Thanksgiving table ...

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Why You Should Always Have a Camera When You Cook

When you have a dinner party and you have to write a blog a few days later, you might want to have a camera nearby to take photos of that gorgeous and delicious meal that you just prepared. However, ...

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How to Pull Off a Dinner Party in One Hour

Months ago, a dear friend of mine asked me to host a dinner party for his upcoming birthday. Seeing as how I love to entertain, I enthusiastically agreed! And then, I forgot.

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