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Put an Egg on It

For most of us, cracking an egg is one of the first jobs we were given in the kitchen as a kid, scrambling eggs are one of our first recipes that we’re trusted to make and not burn down the house. As ...

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All Natural Easter Eggs

Growing up, the annual ritual of dying Easter eggs was a big deal in my family. Not content to simply dip boiled eggs in brightly colored dyes, we were constantly looking for ways to make new and ...

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The Perfect Soft-Boiled Egg

I recently bought LeCreuset Egg Cups. Why? Because they are so cute! Then I had to figure out how to make the perfect soft or hard-boiled eggs so that I could use them.

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Eggcellent Eggs

Eggs: so simple yet so complex. Their uses, versatile and preparation methods, almost endless. As one of my staples in my fridge, I’ll enjoy eggs for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack on any given ...

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Espe What?

Espelette. Pronounced es-pa-let, this little pepper from the southern region of France is one of my favorite ingredients and I dare say, a secret weapon in my arsenal of cooking tricks. Although this ...

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