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The Perfect Beginner’s Bread

Baking bread can be an intimidating undertaking for even an experienced home cook. There are so many new variables to consider, and vocabulary to master, not to mention all the different types of ...

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Express your Artistic Flair with Garden Focaccia

If there's one good thing that's come from the global pandemic, it's a resurgence in the love of bread baking. I cannot count the number of posts I have seen from my friends trying their hand at ...

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Meet your Bread Baking Challenge with this Pretzel Focaccia

If you've joined our private Facebook group, you might be cooking even more than your standard three meals a day. After all, what good is a quarantine unless we are challenging ourselves in the ...

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What to Binge Watch (and Eat) While You’re Waiting for Summer

You can tell by the way everyone’s walking around, holding their breath and hoping that maybe, just maybe, they can start thinking about where to stash their Patagonia until next winter rolls around: ...

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Focaccia: Bread Baking with the Seasons

Why wait until the cooler months when you can enjoy freshly baked, seasonal bread to accompany your summer soirées? You should bake bread this summer!

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Make Focaccia to Use Up Extra Food

Focaccia is a simple, rustic and versatile bread that can stand alone, or as accompaniment to soups and sandwich fillings. It’s one of my favorite recipes because it’s a great way of using what you ...

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Focaccia: The Perfect Dinner Party Dish

I recently made dinner for my best friends, and told them I would make anything they wanted. They weren’t craving anything in particular, so I headed to the grocery store to see what produce stood ...

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