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Spice Up Your Summer with Wine

Thanks to The Chopping Block's guests and team members for welcoming me as one of your new Sommeliers! Folks ask me all the time, “What does a Sommelier do: sit around and taste delicious wine all ...

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Easy Summertime Coal-Fired Pizza

  Summertime means grilled foods, sunshine, beaches, and pizza? Yes, pizza on a grill is something you may not think of doing, but you should!

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Quick, Easy, Healthy, Weeknight Grilling Fare

Do you wait until the weekend to fire up the grill? Why wait when you don't have to? Grilling outdoors can be a quick and easy task any day of the week.  

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Ready for Grilling Action: Keep It Clean

Grilling season has finally arrived! Chicago winters seem to last forever, but that only makes the grilling season that much more special. Cleaning your grill isn’t quite as exciting as firing it up ...

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Skip Store-Bought and Make Your Own BBQ Sauce

  It's BBQ season, and I love BBQ. Last year, my husband configured our modest kettle girl into an offset smoker that successfully smoked ribs, pork shoulders, turkeys and even a 14-hour passion ...

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A Guide to Spatchcocking a Chicken

Everyone loves roasted chicken, but have you ever tried spatchcocking? Say what?

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How to Smoke Seafood on your Big Green Egg

Given the heat the last few days, I’ve been craving lighter summer fare. It’s a little too warm for heavy food like pork shoulder and brisket. Smoked seafood, on the other hand, sounds pretty good. ...

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