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Fresh Picked Sweets From the Garden

  One of my favorite smells of summer is the sweet and pungent aroma of my herb garden on a hot afternoon, and one of my favorite challenges is finding ways to use every single clipping! If you're a ...

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Taking a Risk in the Kitchen

Have you seen the movie "Chef"? Although I’m not sure if it will receive a lot of awards, I am sure that this film portrays someone who is inspired and takes a risk. I like to think I'm headed down ...

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Beautiful Beets

I think beets are the most beautiful vegetable. They’re so gnarly, dirty and dull looking from the outside, but then you cut them open and they surprise you with the most fabulous colors and designs. ...

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Cheers to Shrubs: A Vinegar Drink

One of the many benefits of working at The Chopping Block is getting to taste new products. We recently welcomed a delicious new addition to our array of oils and vinegars from Robbins Family Farm.

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Come on Baby, Light my Fire

Two of my very good, talented friends of 20+ years have done what many of us have only dreamed of. They built a wood-fired brick oven in their backyard with their own hands. Pete and Melina have ...

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April Snowstorms: How does your Garden Grow?

Around this time each year, I get a little stir crazy when I look outside. I either see bare and dirty brown ground or a blanket of white covering. Neither is good for my garden.

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Spring Classes Have Sprung

The brains in the curriculum department have been hard at work busting out new classes for the spring season. We meet twice a month to discuss ideas that are floating around in our heads. Quite ...

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The Ole’ Sockeye Salt-Bath

Preservation is not a term solely used in the craft of cookery, but more importantly it doubles as a moniker that is associated with the mastery and art of remaining a long term participant in this ...

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Cheesy Comfort

As the weather starts to warm up, time is running out for decadent winter comfort foods. You know the ones I’m talking about: braised short ribs, slow roasted pork shoulder, etc. As much as I love ...

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Paper or Plastic? Turkey That Is

The holidays are here already? There’s so much to be done! Shopping, cleaning, the shopping-for-the-cleaning… stay home? Travel to see family? The shopping-for-the-travel or staying-home…. Cook a ...

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