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The Summer of CSA and Farmers Market Inspiration

While the weather may not be cooperating, Chicagoans are ready for summer! We are pushing through the cold and rain to attend baseball games, concerts, festivals and farmer’s markets. Considering the ...

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A Chef's Tour of the National Restaurant Show in Chicago

For the past 96 years, Chicago has hosted the National Restaurant Show, or NRA. Unfortunately, the four-day show is not open to the public, but it’s considered a sort of Disneyland for chefs and ...

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Chicago Hot Dogs, Hold the Ketchup

Each time my parents come to visit Chicago, I try to outdo their last trip. I fill it with new tours and restaurants and all things Chicago – luckily our vast city has a ton to offer, and I can ...

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Accidental Grilling in Chicago

A couple of weeks ago, right about when the mercury hit 50 degrees, we rearranged our front window at The Chopping Block Lincoln Square to feature this display. I have never seen so many adults with ...

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Hidden Treasure of Chicago

When you have a friend coming to Chicago for the first time, where do you take them? What places do you put on your "must see" list to make sure Chicago will leave a great impression? How about a ...

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