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Naan Pizza

  My wife and I like to play games like “Would You Rather”, the Question game, or Categories - all games you would typically play in the car on a long road trip. We often play these games in social ...

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Easy Naan Bread

I used to be afraid of using yeast in recipes. I think it was because I had one failed attempt, and I thought to myself “Well, I am just not meant to be a baker!” 

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Greek Meatballs on Homemade Naan

  I love social media. It’s a great way to “meet” like-minded people from all over the world. I’ve created friendships with people as far away as the Netherlands, and have found people who enjoy my ...

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A Birthday Wish: Indian-Spiced Chicken

We just wrapped up my husband’s “Birthday Weekend” – his real birthday is today, so we decided to celebrate his birth over the weekend. One of his birthday wishes was to choose dinner every night. ...

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Incredible (Edible) India – Part 2


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Who wants some Cassoulet?

Last Sunday, I worked alongside 10 students for 6 hours in efforts to produce some beautifully braised dishes. It was a push, but we got all four dishes finished during our first Braising Boot Camp!

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