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Ramps: Not Just a Plane With a Constant Slope Between Two Points

Spring is home to a class of plants that are perhaps the most magical we get all year: the ephemerals. These are plants that appear briefly as the weather begins to warm, then disappear into dormancy ...

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Discovering the Hidden Powers of Prunes

Let’s talk about prunes. Yes, you heard me right… prunes. Most of us know prunes for their role in digestive health and their laxative-like effect. But this dietitian wants you to know that we’ve ...

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Cream of Morel Mushroom and Spring Pea Soup

If you are in the Midwest, you might be wondering if spring will ever arrive. Every year it feels at odds that the biting cold of April will ever yield to the warm and sunny days of May. At least to ...

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It's Ramp Season

As the spring season unfolds across the Midwest, a wave of excitement ripples through the culinary world as we anticipate the arrival of ramps. These wild alliums, sought after for their delicate ...

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You Can Cook Delicious Meals for One

Sometimes we get requests for classes that are a little too niche for our general audience at The Chopping Block. So, when my team discussed a recent request for a “cooking for one” class, I ...

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Total Eclipse Moon Pies

Until my mom called me to tell me she was heading back to her hometown of Dover-Foxcroft, Maine, to view the solar eclipse today (April 8th), because it’s located in the path of totality, I really ...

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Passport to Basque Country

Have you ever heard of Basque country? This region in Europe spans over the northern part of Spain and the southern part of France. This area of the world is known for numerous culinary delights ...

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Stuffed Cabbage Rolls: A Taste of Tradition

Before I met my husband, I had never experienced the pleasure of enjoying Polish cuisine. I grew up in a Jewish household and enjoyed many traditional dishes like gefilte fish, kugel, matzoh ball ...

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Easy Oven-Roasted Tomato Dip

Have you ever planned a get-together with friends and focused so much on the dinner that you forgot about a little nibble beforehand? Or you’ve offered to bring an appetizer to a gathering that’s a ...

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Fatteh Veganized

The two things that are always present in Fatteh are tahini-laced yogurt and crunchy pita chips. Fatteh is a layered dish a little bit like nachos: toasted pita chips topped with a savory topping ...

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