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Douse your Food with Dukkah

I was first introduced to Dukkah when I received a copy of Instantly Mediterranean by Emily Paster in advance of a virtual Instant Pot class (remember those days?!) we did together two years ago. For ...

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Teriyaki Salmon Sushi Sandwiches: A Fun Twist on Sushi

My family loves eating and making sushi. We also love getting creative with different maki roll fillings inspired by travels (like fried oyster maki rolls) or by things we have around the kitchen. As ...

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Cure Your Own Salmon

I love cured meats of all types: hot smoked ham, prosciutto, bresaola, cured salmon, all manner of dried salumi. It’s my intention to walk you through the many types of cured meats you can make at ...

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Restaurant Redemption: Grilled Salmon Caesar Salad

A couple months ago my husband and I set out to see the funk band Lettuce, and grabbed a bite to eat beforehand. I didn’t want to be bogged down by a heavy meal and I love salads with a protein, so I ...

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For a Pescatarian Party, Make Salmon Coulibiac

When both of your siblings are vegetarians/pescatarians, it makes menu planning for holidays like Thanksgiving a challenge. The traditional turkey and ham don't work as entrée options when the whole ...

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A Pastry Revolution

In summer I am pretty much always looking for an excuse to have a nice little treat. To be honest, most of the year I am looking for an excuse to treat myself (and my wife, I suppose). Finished all ...

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49th State Eats

When I was planning my recent trip to Alaska with friends, food wasn't too much of a consideration outside of one or two restaurants that we were told we must hit. I know that may come as a shock ...

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Smoking Seafood

My favorite food is seafood, so naturally that would play a big part in my summer project to learn how to use a charcoal/wood smoker like a pro. Some of my first smoking experiments were ribs and ...

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A Salmon Hater becomes a Salmon Lover

I had so many food issues as a kid. Most of them are behind me now, except when it comes to coconut. I have to admit to still holding on to my strong dislike for it. As hard as I’ve tried, its flavor ...

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Tuscan Salmon: A Weeknight Family Favorite

I was tasked with making dinner the other night, and had absolutely no idea what to prepare. I had fresh salmon to work with, which was a step in the right direction, but when I opened my fridge and ...

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