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Road Trip Diet Survival Guide

The two greatest roadblocks to dietary adherence for most people are maintaining as healthy a diet on the weekends as the weekdays and staying on track when traveling. Those of us in Chicago are ...

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Quick and Easy Snack Substitutes

We are currently in the worst of Winter, with the weather lately forcing big chunks of the country to stay inside as the polar vortex rolled through. With that comes lots of down time and sometimes ...

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Sensible Snacks

A new year is here and many people have decided that now is the time to start creating some healthier lifestyle habits. Beginning a workout routine and aiming to eat healthier overall obviously go ...

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‘Tis The Dip Season

While celebrating the holidays, cheering on favorite sports teams, and avoiding the winter cold, people want to eat their favorite dip dishes together. That being said, after the fifth cheese-based ...

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I'm Breaking Up with Sugar

Picture if you will the following: racks of freshly baked treats of varying sizes, flavors and colors. There’s no one around to stop you from eating all of it. It’s just you and those cupcakes, ...

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Camping Food: From Trail Mix to RumChata French Toast

Does anyone remember a movie from the 80’s where one of the opening scenes is a kid packing his duffle bag for camp, when he decides to dump all of his clothes out and fill the duffle bag with candy? ...

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My Favorite Strawberries

As a child, my next door neighbors started growing strawberries on the side of their house. This side of their house happened to be closest to our house and my watchful eyes. You see, strawberries ...

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Phukett Paradise

The second half of my time in Thailand was spent on the island of Phukett. If you aren’t necessarily familiar with Phukett, it’s possible you remember it from the tsunami of December 2004. We stayed ...

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2 Fast 2 Delicious

Greetings from Hollywood! After being here for sixth months, I can honestly say this: LA is weird and full of dreams! Also, the entertainment industry is king. Pretty obvious though, right? I don’t ...

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Getting the Little Ones to Eat

Between my husband and I, the two of us have over thirty years of experience in the food industry. Even so, we still find ourselves challenged on a daily basis trying to get our kids to be open ...

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