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Picking Stew Meats Made Simple

  When the weather outside is frightful and your belly craves something delightful…. That may not be an award-winning version of the song, but the concept of hunkering down in the cold months and ...

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One "Stewpendous” Stew and Two “Souperstar” Soups

  I’m a huge fan of soups and stews! Whenever I go to a restaurant, if there is a soup on the menu, I’m more than likely going to order it. I love that a bowl of soup can either be the starter to a ...

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I’m Getting Hungary

  For the last few years, my husband and I have taken to international travel, particularly trekking across Europe, the Baltic, Scandinavia, the Mediterranean, and (coming this fall) the Adriatic. ...

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Mi Manca l'Italia: Reminiscing about the Best Food on the Planet

  It has been almost one year since my trip to Italy, and there’s nowhere I would rather be, and with a big bowl of pasta in front of me. Each time I visit I realize how different each region is and ...

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Cioppino: The Perfect Seafood Lovers Stew

  Fall and winter are two of my favorite seasons. The meals during these times tend to be a bit heartier, comforting and warming. Those seasonal meals deliver the perfect warming hug to help get you ...

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Cooking with "Nothing" in the Fridge

  It's an inside joke at my house that there is never anything in the fridge to make a meal. At least every time my girlfriend checks, that seems to be the case. I, of course, immediately welcome ...

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Me, Stew and Ragu

When I saw the menu for our Stews and Ragus class at the Merchandise Mart last week, I couldn’t help but cross my fingers and hope there were still seats available! Let me just say, I lucked out and ...

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Get Your Summer Tomato Fix Year Round

Great food is all about seizing opportunity, which is why I love this time of year. Nearly everything is in season, and farmers' markets are operating at near peak volume in both variety of products ...

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Working with Ox Tail

Now that the weather is downright frigid, I have turned to heartier, richer proteins. We recently put ox tail on the menu at the restaurant where I work. It's delicious and very easy to work with.

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Ole Pozole

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. The sun is shining, the lake is aqua, and the city looks particularly stunning. Forget the fact that it’s 30 degrees in the middle of October, and forget ...

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