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Holiday Weight Gain Prevention Tips

    The holiday season is officially here. Home cooks are planning their Thanksgiving dinners, scheduling holiday parties and getting ready to bake cookies like fiends. I've already given you some ...

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Protein FAQs Part 2: High Ratio Protein Sources

  This post is the continuation of a multi-part article about protein. If you missed part one, be sure to check it out here. What are good sources of protein? “I’ve heard quinoa, nuts, and beans are ...

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Protein FAQs Part 1: A Nutritionist Weighs in on the Current Science

As a personal trainer and nutritionist, I'm often asked about protein and how it relates to health and fitness: What are good sources of protein? How much should I be getting? How much is dangerous? ...

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No Calorie Counting? No Problem! Here are 15 Tips for Summer Slimming

While Chicago has seemed to forget that spring is indeed a season, summer is fast approaching. If you haven’t been on top of your diet through the endless winter, now is the perfect time to start!

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Thanksgiving Tips and Tricks to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

With Thanksgiving right around the corner and other holidays soon to follow, we are entering a time of year when lots of people inevitably gain some weight. Thanksgiving seems to be the catalyst for ...

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Go for the Greek Yogurt

Are you trying to lose weight, following what you think is a relatively low-calorie diet and having no success? One of the biggest culprits could be the sauces or dressings you use on your food. ...

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Intelligent Imbibing: How to Drink with Weight Loss in Mind

Managing alcohol intake with a fat loss goal is often looked at as an all or nothing decision, but it doesn't have to be. At the end of the day, all that needs to occur for fat loss to happen is to ...

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Eating Clean in ‘15

As the close of 2014 approaches, I’m hesitantly awaiting that magical moment after 11:59pm on December 31. No, not the moment where the old year turns into the new, and we all get a little older and ...

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On the Healthy Track

It's time to move on to my next big endeavor in life! I am leaving my Sous Chef position with The Chopping Block to pursue a path along the healthy track. I want to take this opportunity to thank all ...

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I'm Back from Maternity Leave

How I have missed you! Maternity leave has come to an end and as I ease my way back into the office, I must also ease my way back into clothes that have a waistline. Gone are the days of the elastic ...

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