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Raise a Glass with The Chopping Block

Last year around this time, I decided that I'd apply myself, use the resources The Chopping Block has in abundance, and start really learning about wine and liquor. What a year it's been. Between the ...

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New Summer Drink Trend: Frozé

As a native Chicagoan, I can attest that we complain about two things: the never ending construction and the weather. This summer is no exception— it’s hot! We need something to cool us down and make ...

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Escape the Wine Rut by Choosing Bubbly

It’s been almost a month since I’ve embarked upon a great adventure in the study of wines. It began with a complimentary wine class for The Chopping Block staff called “What’s In A Sip?”, and now I’m ...

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Travel the World in Each Bite and Sip

I am a big lover of travel, especially when it involves food and wine. There is no better way to learn about a culture and what it holds dear than tasting its foods and wines and sharing them with ...

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Wines to Make Friends With

Did the title get you wondering what this post is about? Great! Keep reading. Because the wines I talk about will most certainly help you make new friends. So, you should befriend them…

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Wines for a Perfect Valentine’s Day

I don’t like to celebrate Valentine’s Day the traditional way: dining in packed restaurants and overpaying for food and wine are not my favorite things. But I do love to celebrate. So, I cook at home ...

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Bubbly Cocktails Can Brighten Your January

In the day and age of the fancy cocktail, I must admit: I am not a big cocktail person. I love the idea of a cocktail, a civilized way to end the day and ease into the evening, surrounded with ...

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After-party Wine Tips: Storing and Using Open Bottles

It’s December. Surely, you will have a gathering of friends and open some bottles of wine. If you have ready my blog posts for the last couple of months, you know exactly what wines to choose for ...

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Warm Up with Gluehwein this Holiday Season

As a German living in Chicago for a while now, I have embraced the American holidays, especially Thanksgiving. For me, Thanksgiving is basically a “friends-giving” holiday since I usually spend it ...

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Wine Tips for Parties 101

Last month, I wrote about some great wines to take to a party. But what if you are hosting a party? What wines will please your guests and be budget-friendly? The wine tips from last month apply ...

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