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You Need to Have These Cooking Tools

Posted by Hans on Jul 29, 2016

There are some cooking tools that are essential to any home cook's success. I recently put together a list of what I think everyone needs to have in their kitchen.

Top 5 Essential Kitchen Tools

If you read my blogs, I may sound like a broken record, but a quality chef's knife and our Knife Skills class is a must for everyone. Once you have some basic skills down, you'll know how to hold a knife, the differences between carbon steel and stainless steel, and honing versus sharpening. You'll also become aware of what knives you really need to have in your kitchen (hint: it's less than you think!). We have the sexiest knife case in town by Threefold Design at our Merchandise Mart store and some good looking Carbon steel Bob Kramer knives waiting for you! Stop by our stores to test drive any of our knive lines any time. 

Knife CaseIn addition to a good knife, another tool which I feel is essential for any home cook is the Rosle crosswise peeler. I love this peeler because not only do you get a lifetime guarantee, but the blade is exchangeable. So, your peeler is guaranteed to stay sharp for life! Don’t worry left-handed cooks, they thought of you too and left-handed versions are available as well. Here's The Chopping Block's Owner/Chef Shelley Young on why she loves this peeler.


A flat whisk is a genius tool and a must if you make pan sauces because it helps to get all the fond off of the bottom of your pan.

Flat Whisk and other tools

I'm also loving our spiralizer right now. We used it during our Hooked on Fish class on two different versions of Fish in Parchment last week. Also, try our recipe for Chicken Lo Mein with Zuccini Noodles.

Having a good fry pan is essential, but it's important your pan isn't too small so you don't crowd your food as it cooks. A 10-inch non-stick pan is a good start.   

Have you heard that The Chopping Block was recently named one of the 10 best cookware shops in the country by Food Network? What an honor! Come visit our stores to see our selection of gourmet retail for yourself. It's an especially good weekend to stop in because everything in our stores is 20% off. But hurry, the sale ends on Sunday!

If you don't have plans for tonight, join me on our outdoor grilling patio at Lincoln Square for my Prost! German Feast on the Grill. There are still a few spots left in this hands on grilling class that just happens to feature cuisine from my homeland!



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