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Your Guide to The Perfect Cocktail

Posted by Andrea on Mar 24, 2017

A good cocktail isn't hard to find these days. Just step into any trendy bar or restaurant in Chicago, and they'll present you with a healthy list of cocktails that are available for $13 or more. That price makes me less excited about enjoying a beverage out, especially when it's served up ten minutes later with a side of arrogance by the bartender.

But not all bartenders are like this! Instead of making you feel small for asking a question, many actually want to help educate you so that you don't feel intimidated when ordering a cocktail. That's exactly the goal of The Chopping Block's new guide: The Perfect Cocktail. We've tapped into the knowledge of our Mixologist Tim Williams who has years of experience behind the bar to provide tips on making better drinks at home. 

Pouring Liquor in Jigger
In this guide, you'll learn basic cocktail techniques such as:

  • When to shake vs when to stir a drink,
  • How to muddle,
  • Using a jiggle,
  • How to strain, and
  • Balancing flavors in your cocktails. 

We'll show you the equipment you need to have in your home bar (nothing fancy, we promise!) and well as what liquors are essential. You don't have to buy more than five bottles to get started! 

Cocktail Bottles of LiquorThe best part is the 10 classic cocktail recipes along with photos that come in this guide. From the margarita to the Tom Collins and Old Fashioned cocktail, you'll get practice making these 10 popular drinks (and be able to host the best cocktail party in town!). We always tell our students in our cooking classes to go home and make the recipes from class within two weeks while the techniques are fresh in your mind. The same rule applies to you after you download this guide. Make all ten drinks (you can spread them out longer than two weeks for the sake of your liver) soon after reading. This is the best homework assignment you'll ever get! Download The Perfect Cocktail to get started. 

If you want some hands-on practice with your mixology, we still have a few spots left in tonight's hands-on Drink This, Not That cocktail class which covers some misconception around ingredients. You'll learn how quality ingredients can really make a difference as you learn to whip up and enjoy three cocktails. Grab one of the last spots now!

The Perfect Cocktail

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