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Picking Stew Meats Made Simple

  When the weather outside is frightful and your belly craves something delightful…. That may not be an award-winning version of the song, but the concept of hunkering down in the cold months and ...

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My Favorite Crock Pot Recipe: Pozole Verde

  When faced with brutal subzero temperatures this New Year, I went in to survival mode and immediately got to work in simmering up a hearty stew to warm the bellies of my loved ones.

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Food Comics: Coq au Vin

We are pleased to introduce Food Comics from The Chopping Block where our resident Cartoonist Tom O'Brien illustrates his cooking adventures. Here, he shows us how to make one of the most popular ...

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Short Ribs are Not Short on Flavor

  If you aren't craving Thanksgiving leftovers today, I have a dish that is hearty and satisfying and also helps warm up the house on a cold day. Better yet, it's not turkey!

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Making Chili

When the leaves start falling and the air outside gets colder, I like to make my go-to chili recipe. There is something so comforting about chili to me in the midst of fall and winter. If you read my ...

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All About that Braise

No treble (a.k.a – high temperature and fast) – low and slow is the temp and tone. Yes, I’m a band geek and often play a game in my head when someone says a random phrase or word. I automatically ...

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Are You Better than the Average Cook?

If you're better than an average home cook and think there are no cooking classes for you without spending thousands of dollars on culinary school, think again.

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Who wants some Cassoulet?

Last Sunday, I worked alongside 10 students for 6 hours in efforts to produce some beautifully braised dishes. It was a push, but we got all four dishes finished during our first Braising Boot Camp!

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New Year, New Classes

With the New Year comes the opportunity to flood the calendars with new classes and menus that are designed with our mission in mind. The goal at the Chopping Block is to Get the Country to Cook. I ...

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Pork: The Other White Meat

Remember that tag line from the 70's? I know I'm dating myself but remember when we thought that pork had to be cooked until it was white for it to be safe to eat? Yuck! White pork = dry pork. ...

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