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Welcome Braising Season with Roulade and Dumplings

  Time is flying by this year, and we are already planning our holiday offerings, both virtually and in-person at Lincoln Square. We are also continuing to offer outdoor grilling classes, and we've ...

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Dumpling Debate

  What is the first thing that you think of when you hear the term “dumpling?” Over the course of thousands of years there have been many talks as to what constitutes a food item to be considered a ...

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The World’s Most Delicious Snowflakes

  While it is probably inadvisable to risk alienating large swaths of your audience in the opening paragraph, I’m going to admit something: I love winter. The cold weather lets me show off all my ...

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Homemade Pierogi: No Special Equipment Needed

I love any kind of dumpling. If there’s filling inside dough, I’m in.

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Shoyu Ramen vs. Chicken and Dumplings

I have had an obsession with noodles lately. Not sure why, but I just can’t get enough of them. It might have to do with David Chang’s “Mind of a Chef” being on Netfix now, but who can really say? My ...

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I Got Gnocchi, do you?

Last Wednesday in Chicago was especially hard due to long commutes, long meetings and long days without sunshine. Instead of going home and succumbing to this winter’s wrath (and my sweat pants), I ...

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Cold Weather Fun: Making Gnocchi

Considering today's weather and the fact that schools are closed, I want to share a really fun, kid-friendly cooking activity that’s perfect to make when it’s freezing outside.

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