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Which Produce is in Season When?

Andy Lavelle
Posted by Andy Lavelle on May 2, 2018

There’s nothing like fresh produce: it’s good for you, it’s delicious, and it’s always available. But have you stopped to think why and how fresh food is always there, in the grocery store, year round?

Well, modern ag has made that possible, of course. We can now grow strawberries, year-round (not outside of course) and then ship them, year-round and over great distances, to people in all reaches of the globe. Really, the only thing stopping us from enjoying every produce, every day of the year may be budgetary limitations.

But does access equal something that’s good for us? Well, it’s a complicated issue. Traveling long distances isn’t necessarily the best thing for the produce or for the planet. It has to be picked early and may lose nutritional value, for instance.  Why else does thinking about seasonal produce matter, and how can you adjust? This graphic explains the issue.


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