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David W.

David W.
David is returning to Chicago after a 30 year absence. He learned to cook in San Francisco restaurants, and owned and ran a restaurant in Iowa City for fifteen years. David loves cheese, Thai food and avocados, amongst other things. He loves to share his passion for food with students at The Chopping Block.

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Whiskey Preparedness

Leaves have turned, the thermometer is dipping lower (slowly, finally), and we are looking for ways to get and stay warm. In any season, we look to consume food and beverage that reflect our ...

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Deep into Quiche

In the realm of quiche discussions, there are those who begin with a clever quip about what Real Men eat, and then there’s me, who is more bothered by the perpetual resurfacing of that maxim than the ...

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The Greatest Carnival Food

Earlier this week, I spent a day at the Great Amusement Park. I was honestly surprised at how few people over the age of 30 there were. Weren’t other parents taking their kids? I mean, don’t they ...

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Couscous from Scratch

I was preparing a curry with a Moroccan leaning. Everyone’s Favorite Grocery Store had no couscous (?) except for pearled/Israeli couscous of which it had two kinds (?). I wanted fine couscous, so of ...

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Preserve Rhubarb with Mostardo

During the growing season, there are some crops I’m happy to see arrive at local markets. I buy them and serve a nice meal incorporating them or featuring them. Zucchini, for one. Then there are ...

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Crostini from the Grill

As Chicago's Spring seems to be redefined as alternating bursts of frost and scorch, I’m trying to take advantage of the occasional gorgeous night. This means grilling. Last Tuesday, I hit up the ...

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Vegetarian Chili

I’ve established a couple of blog themes but the most prevalent is utilizing what I have available. Once again, I am beginning with the vegetables I prepped in a recent Knife Skills class (as I did ...

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Savory Donuts

Apparently fried dough is the element that binds all of humanity together. I will, without fact-checking, state that every civilization has such an item as a cornerstone of their culinary repertoire. ...

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Vegetarian Hoppin' John

It’s hard to pass up the good protein source of classic beans ‘n rice, and a great variation on the combo is the Southern dish Hoppin’ John. Featuring black-eyed peas, a favorite New Year good luck ...

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New Choices in Seafood for the New Year

I’m writing this blog from Sarasota, Florida, where I’m fortunate enough to be spending a week with my family away from the Chicago winter. I’ve spent an occasional short week down here throughout my ...

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