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With his BA in Culinary Nutrition from Johnson & Wales, JC has spent a total of 10 years exploring the diverse and extensive world of the culinary arts. After living in Charleston, South Carolina for 5 years working in its strong food and beverage scene and then Bolinas, California for 2 years as a personal nutritional chef, he has landed in Chicago and is now a chef instructor at The Chopping Block. The opportunity to get to teach people to cook and bring what he has learned to each class he teaches is truly exciting.

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Sweet Potatoes are not Boring

It's that time again for everyone to commit to healthy foods and exercise. Lots of people are amped about getting on the self-betterment train and go all in with meal prep, special workouts and ...

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Mac n' Cheese Made Easy

As the winter chill sets in and the schedules seem to get endlessly busier, I find myself looking for ways to satisfy my rich food itch. To make something that fits the need normally takes a good bit ...

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The Great Lemony Escape

From time to time a nice change up or escape is always nice, and due to current events, travel is not the best choice in my opinion. My lovely wife got the baking bug this weekend, and she found a ...

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Roasted Tomato Pepper Soup with a Protein Pump

Now that football has started and the weather is cooling down more and more each day, it is time to harvest the last of our garden’s gifts! This is a bittersweet time for me, but I love the challenge ...

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“Pimento” Sourdough Bites

The sourdough craze has really taken off during the pandemic, perhaps because some people had more free time on their hands. Now that it's football season, I wanted to show off my newfound sourdough ...

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Boost your Immune System with this Shot

As in any case of large scale sickness such as the current Coronavirus, the best advice to stay healthy is to reduce contact with others, wash your hands, cover your mouth when you cough, don't touch ...

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From White to Black: Breaking Down Roux

As the world of soups and sauces is ever so extensive, time has created a million variations and preferential changes to everything anyone may consider correct. Flavors will be ever changing as it ...

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Lemon Liquidation: How to Make Lemon Vodka

Although the holidays are over, I have a fun gifting concept that could be used anytime for special occasions. I have been growing a dwarf Meyer lemon tree for a few years now. This fall, my first ...

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Learning to Love Lentils

One of my favorite foods to work with in unique ways is lentils. Whether they are red, green, black, yellow or brown, it makes no difference because each one has a unique flavor and texture. Lentils ...

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How to Tie a Stuffed Roast

The time of year for cooking large cuts of meat is upon us. We are not worried about warming up the house too much and as our schedules begin to fill up more having those leftovers comes in handy! ...

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