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With his BA in Culinary Nutrition from Johnson & Wales, JC has spent a total of 10 years exploring the diverse and extensive world of the culinary arts. After living in Charleston, South Carolina for 5 years working in its strong food and beverage scene and then Bolinas, California for 2 years as a personal nutritional chef, he has landed in Chicago and is now a chef instructor at The Chopping Block. The opportunity to get to teach people to cook and bring what he has learned to each class he teaches is truly exciting.

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The Benefits of Salmon Skin

While the world seems to be always looking for the next big health trend and hidden nutrient gems, one thing that seems to stick around are Omega-3s. As we start moving into the cooler weather here ...

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A Playbook of Healthy Game Day Food

If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times, even the most basic vegetables can take on loads of new flavor notes if cooked properly. With football season fully underway, watch parties ...

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Cooking en Papillote

After my previous post on grilled Ratatouille, a few people noticed that I had an aluminum foil pouch next to my cast iron pan on the grill and wanted to know what was in it. When I explained it was ...

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Grilled Ratatouille

Lots of people have summer gardens, and there is nothing more satisfying than eating the fruits of your labor for dinner. I often find myself with a lot of odds and ends in my refrigerator: a pepper ...

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A Coffee Conundrum

What was once just a cup in the morning to most Americans, has evolved into a few cups, then ten more throughout the day. Coffee, energy drinks, caffeinated gum, sodas, espresso, green tea, and a ...

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How to Grow a SCOBY and make Kombucha at Home

The world of kombucha has been something of a mystery for a long time and aside from a few movie references and jokes about it, the average person didn’t really know much about it. It wasn’t until ...

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Don't Knock Mushrooms until you've had them Cooked Properly

I often hear from students in our cooking classes about the foods they say they don’t like. When I hear this, my next question is always “What don’t you like about it?” As a nutritional chef, I run ...

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Avgolemono Warms the Soul

Everyone has heard of chicken noodle soup and if you haven’t, go whip up a batch or grab a can of Campbell's, it's known as an American classic for a reason. Chicken noodle soup found its way to ...

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Choosing, Understanding and Making the Most of a Recipe

Have you ever looked up a recipe online and ended up buying $70 worth of ingredients to make it? It's so common these days with the millions of recipes available on the internet. Although some ...

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Cast Iron Care: Making an Oldie New Again

The term “age ain't nothing but a number” couldn’t be truer when talking about cast iron. This classic cookware may take a touch more love to keep in great condition, but what about cooking isn’t ...

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