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With his BA in Culinary Nutrition from Johnson & Wales, JC has spent a total of 10 years exploring the diverse and extensive world of the culinary arts. After living in Charleston, South Carolina for 5 years working in its strong food and beverage scene and then Bolinas, California for 2 years as a personal nutritional chef, he has landed in Chicago and is now a chef instructor at The Chopping Block. The opportunity to get to teach people to cook and bring what he has learned to each class he teaches is truly exciting.

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Cocoa Loco and Loving It

The world of hot chocolate is a vast, diverse, fascinating and a bit overwhelming. It’s a beverage that most connect with cold weather and holiday spirit, but please take note, the hot cocoa most of ...

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Picking Stew Meats Made Simple

  When the weather outside is frightful and your belly craves something delightful…. That may not be an award-winning version of the song, but the concept of hunkering down in the cold months and ...

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A Little “Peppering” of Knowledge

  Extremes of spice, in food, around the world are baffling. Whether you like a little cracked black pepper on your eggs in the morning, or you pop pickled jalapenos like they are marshmallows with ...

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